The Perfect Bird Deterrent 

Design suits most roof angles - no need to try and figure it out. 
Tools free - secure in place in minutes, with strong industrial double sided tabs. 
Tabs already fitted to NestStop™ - just peel off back and fit. 
(Screws also supplied in case it is not possible to get a suitable surface for glue tabs) 
Made from clear PET-G sheet (Plastic) to avoid colour issues. 
How does it work? 
NestStop™ instantly creates a smooth surface on the wall which birds can't get a grip on or get mud to stick to. 
Video proof that NestStop works! It might be hard to see but, if you look closely, you will be able to detect NestStop fitted up at the eaves. Now watch the birds entering this area and then leaving when they realise they can’t grip onto the wall. 
If they can’t grip, they can’t build. 
NestStop, made from clear plastic, makes it impossible for birds to grip the wall or, get mud to stick - fit it and your problem is solved for years to come! 
First put on the market during 2011, NestStop has now been proven to work by our 1,000’s of customers with many of our sales coming from recommendation. In short, you can purchase NestStop with confidence and say goodbye to all the mess! 
Remember, we guarantee that birds will not build a nest where a NestStop is fitted. 
Stop birds nesting

 Totally Humane  Bird Deterrent 

1. Place NestStop™ against wall 
2. Locate A & B against soffit and secure with glue tabs 
3. Center C - equal overlap on each side - and secure with glue tabs 
Never remove a nest when birds are in residence - best time is winter months or any time before the problem arises. It is actually illegal to remove a nest while in use. 
A Big Thank You!! 
We are very grateful to many of our hundreds of customers for recommending NestStop to their friends and family. 
You can take a big share of the credit for making this product the success that it has proved to be. Our sales more than double year on year - this would not happen without your help. 
Thank you 
Cecil McFarland 

History of NestStop® 

NestStop was first put on the market in 2012, and since then many 1000s have ben supplied to customers all over the British isles and europe. 
The product, invented by Cecil McFarland, Northern Ireland, has enjoyed outstanding success from the start. 
At the outset, Invest Northern Ireland (Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment) were a great help with the expertise and guidance needed to bring the product to market. Their help with the patent application was also very useful and appreciated. 
The success of NestStop is largely due to referrals with sales more than doubling each year - simple proof that the product works! 
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